8 Packing Tips For Hassle Free Moving

packing tipsWhether you’re packing glassware in a box or your collection of books, it will travel much better if it’s packed tightly and carefully. Items which are left to move around can rub against each other and that only increases the chances of it arriving at your new home damaged or broken.

Here are 8 useful packing tips:

Packing dishes

Most of us would probably stack dishes on top of each other when packing but the smart way is to stand them on their edges and they’ll be less likely to break. Naturally they’ll still need plenty of padding with paper, bubble wrap and anything else you can find to cushion the sides and bottom of the box you’re putting them in.

Boxed is best

Whenever you can it’s always best to pack things in boxes since this makes it easier to load the removalist truck or boot of your car than when you’re trying to cram in lots of different shaped packages.

Arrival box

Always keep a box packed with items that you’ll need immediately you arrive at your new home. Things such as a kettle, milk, coffee, mugs, torch, and a few tools for assembly jobs. Make sure that it is the last box to be packed in your car or removalist truck and the first box out.

Smart labeling

As anyone who has moved many times will know, smart movers always label their boxes so not only do they know which room it is destined for but thy can also identify its contents. If you’re using a professional to move you, they’ll tag each box and enter it on to an inventory sheet.

Creating your own filling

When you’re packing there’s always a need for filling materials to tuck inside a box to keep things snug or to use as a buffer between pieces of furniture. Keep aside any clothes that won’t fit into a suitcase or old sheets or blankets as well as pillows and stuffed animals, which can all be tucked in and around fragile items in boxes.

Recycled boxes

Yes it can seem a drag saving the box when you purchase a new TV or computer, but when it comes to moving house if you’ve been smart, then you have a box which fits the said item perfectly.

Keeping track of those small bits

Isn’t just infuriating when you can’t find the lid of your teapot or the remote control for the kids TV has gone walkabouts. Make sure the smaller things are kept track of by taping them to the larger item so thy don’t get lost. Alternatively invest in some bright coloured tissue paper and wrap them up so that they stand out from the other wrapping paper and don’t get thrown away. Or to be doubly safe, put the tissue wrapped item into a plastic bag and slip it inside a box.

Packing books

Even if you’re not the one carrying boxes, when it comes to books thy can be extremely heavy so try and pack them into easier to handle boxes. Arrange them according to size and choose a suitable box that will be a good fit for them.

Follow these tips and you’ll find that your goods arrive safely and that unpacking and placing things into the correct rooms is much less of a hassle too.

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