3 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Suburb

girl looking through binocularsYou’ve made the monumental decision to move house but where are you going to move to exactly? The thing is, choosing a suburb that’s going to suit your new lifestyle and meet the needs of you and your family can be a complicated business. Whether it’s a home close to the beach that you crave, the hustle and bustle of city life, or a suburban home that is pulling at your heart strings, we’ve put together 3 easy tips for helping you to determine exactly what you’re looking for in your quest for the ideal suburb.

Key factors

A good starting point is to list the key factors which you’re looking for in your new home surroundings. Are you planning on a “forever” house which will be large enough for the family that you’re planning to start in the next year or so? In which case you need to be looking at homes in neighbourhoods with good schools and amenities such as parks and leisure centres. Do you need somewhere with good public transport links? Are you set on an ocean view? All of these questions need answering before you start your search for the perfect area.


The neighbourhood of where you move also needs some serious consideration. For example do you want to be part of a close knit community where residents regularly get together for barbecues. Or if you lead a busy life, do you prefer the type of neighbourhood where contact is just a quick hello in passing or a wave of the hand as everyone goes about their particular daily business. Make sure you check out the property values in the area you’re considering and take a look at demographic trends to make sure the area is suited to your lifestyle. You needs to take all of these considerations into account as any resale figure on your house will be affected by the quality of your neighbourhood.

The choices

The suburb you ultimately choose will depend on access and availability of schools, public transport, shops, entertainment and dining. In essence there are 4 distinct suburb categories:

Inner city – If you love the buzz of city life and its convenient access then city life could be for you. The Docklands in Southbank, Queensland offer apartment living with low maintenance backyards. Overflowing with cafés and restaurants, great nightlife, and good public transport from A to B, city life is especially suited to those without a car.

Urban – If you enjoy everything that the city has to offer without all of the everyday rush, then the suburbs of Kawana in Queensland might suit you and are more affordable. You’ll also have perks such as plenty of local schools, parks and fresh food markets right on your doorstep.

Suburban – More affordable than urban areas and suited to people needing more space than an apartment or typical town house offers. Great for families with pets and for those that enjoy an outdoor entertaining area yet most still offer good transport links with access to schools, parks and other amenities.

Rural – If you prefer peace and quiet with plenty of fresh air then living in the country is definitely for you although it’s probably most suitable if you work in rural areas or have your own business which you can run from home.

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