4 Tips For Handy Roof Space Storage

4 Tips For Handy Attic Storage

However big your home is most of us can do with extra storage. Since few houses in Brisbane have basements most homeowners turn to their attics as a means of extra storage – somewhere to store items which they don’t use that often but don’t want to clutter their house with either. While utilising your attic may sound like a fairly good storage option it’s important to take into consideration its durability and its temperature. We all know how hot it gets in Brisbane during the summer months but come the winter time and temperatures can dip pretty low too.

We’ve put together a few tips if you’re considering using your attic for storage:


Roofs and attics are the part of the house that suffers the most in all weathers what with scorching temperatures and hot rays of direct sun in the summer and freezing winds and/or snow in the winter. Roofs and ceilings can account for a loss of up to 45% of your heating and cooling energy, so be sure not to forget this important part of your house and get it insulated properly.


Without ventilation in your attic moisture can cause mildew and mould to form which in turn can lead to damp stains and crumbling ceilings. To protect your stored goods from the damage it’s important that your attic is properly vented to stop it getting too humid and hot.

Safe access

Attics can be tricky especially if you’re carrying storage boxes so it’s important to determine which area of the attic is to be used for storage and the best way of accessing it.  A ladder is normally the easiest way of getting into your attic and one that pulls down and folds back up into a trap door works well. Of course, if you have room to install a proper staircase, then even better. Once inside your attic space, make sure the storage area is close-by to where you enter and consider adding sheets of plywood to make it easier for you to walk around and make the space more durable. You’ll also need to calculate weight restrictions, so you know how much you can safely store.

Temperature toleration

When considering what you can store in your attic it makes sense to select items that you may only use once or twice a year such as suitcases, holiday decorations, and outdoor equipment. Be careful if storing delicate clothing, paperwork, or even candles as these types of items are more susceptible to changes in temperature. If you want to store clothes or soft furnishings in your attic then make sure they’re placed in airtight containers which offer protection from humidity and heat.

Of course, if you’d prefer not to use your attic for storage then why not let On The Move Removals

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Top tip: If you have concerns about your attic space with issues such as moisture, leaks, and mildew or mould, then our advice is to contact a roof restoration company like Brisco Roofing before storing anything in your attic.