Our Story

Our Story contains infinite inspiration


From humble beginnings start up in 2007 focusing on local suburb to suburb residential and commercial removals, the business has evolved into local home services.

We found throughout the years doing furniture removals a lot of our awesome customers required other services, especially bond clean and home handyman services helping in preparations for moving.

We found through trial and error, customers that were booked in with us to do Furniture Removals work were having issues with their bond cleaning working in conjunction with the removals so everything got done on the day required.
So our business expanded from not only doing household furniture removals but also now includes bond clean services and home handyman to help throughout the organisation of the moving process.

We also found from moving thousands of people locally residential and commercial , that many of our customers did not have Greenthumbs To do there garden maintenance , mowing lawns , trimming trees and hedges, so our services now have professional Greenthumbs who can assist you with all your gardening home maintenance requirements.

They say if you want something done well you have to do it yourself, and that is why all our team have a vested interest in 1300 On The Move home services doing whatever it takes for our customer satisfaction keeping us the most recommended home services in the industry..

That is why from 2007 we have been paying it forward , helping and assisting thousands of people.

We feel the best form of advertising is referrals, and our number one goal at 1 300 On The Move is for you to be a raving fan of our services, that we get referrals from you.

1300 on the move from humble beginnings in 2007 and still going strong in 2019 is once again expanding the boundaries of customer satisfaction and business success within our organisation, where we now have a supplement your business strategy with franchises coming soon and owner operators nationwide delivering excellence in home services throughout the industry..

Moving soon? Now you know The only number you’ll ever need is this ours, 1300 ON THE MOVE.

Remember us because your neighbour has more than likely use one of our services.