3 Great Tips To De-cluttering While Packing

De cluttering tipsLet’s face it, packing to move house is one of those chores that most people don’t exactly relish, especially when they’ve accumulated years and years of what can only be described as ‘stuff’. That said, the one advantage to packing (apart from the fact that it’s one step closer to the start of another chapter in your life) is that it presents you with the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. So with the view to packing for a fresh start, just how easy is it to de-clutter when trying to move house? The good news is that if you use these 5 great tips, you’ll be doing it without even realising it. Let’s take a look.

It’s got to measure up

The items you need to take are going to be dictated by the physical space you’re moving into. That’s a fact! However rather than guess why not make it more lifelike? Here’s an example … Let’s say for instance that you’ve got fitted shelving in your new property that you want to put books on. Let’s also say that you also know that these shelves are 1 metre in length. All you do is to get a tape measure and put it on the floor. Now take your books and put them in a line against the tape. Anything over the metre point needs to be rejected and should to the charity shop. By doing this, it’s easy to physically see where belongings end and where clutter starts.

Start packing as soon as you can

The earlier you can start to pack, the easier it is to de-clutter, especially if you’re full aware of the amount of space you have in your new property. For example, if you know that you have approximately 8 shelves worth of plates, crockery, and glasses to store your belongings on in your new property, why not set yourself a target of packing exactly that. Anything left over can then be donated. Do this in every room and before long you’ll have a pile of stuff that you won’t have to worry about packing. Hey presto-you’ve de-cluttered without really knowing it!

Utilise the ‘bottom third’ rule

If you’ve never heard of the ‘bottom third’ rule it goes something like this…When you have a lot of one item, say T-shirts for example, the stuff you wear more tends to remain within easy reach. Conversely, the items you don’t wear tend to end up in the bottom drawer or bottom third of your cupboard. With this in mind, it’s probably a good idea to tackle the bottom drawer, cupboard or shelf first as these are the places where you’ll find the items that you have excess of, only use occasionally, or no longer use at all. As a result they’ll be quicker to sort as you probably won’t need to pack most of them.

So there you have it – 3 great tips to de-clutter without really thinking about it.

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