Office Relocation – 5 Key Steps On How To Pull It Off Without A Hitch

office removalsThe workplace office is a lot more than just a building. It’s a place where ideas are hatched, projects are tackled and communities are forged. However as a business grows, then so to will the need for more employees and this might mean a dreaded office relocation. The problem is that when you move offices, you don’t just look to move ‘stuff’, instead you’re actually uprooting a whole culture. With this in mind, here are 5 key steps you can use to pull off the perfect office move without a hitch.

Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance

When you’re going after a big project, you wouldn’t want to leave it until the day before to talk about strategies. Instead chances are that you’ve done some homework on your potential client and most probably your competition. The same can be said for an impending move. The more you plan ahead, the easier the transition will be. Plan a meeting with heads of departments to discuss any potential moving issues. In addition encourage round table discussion and make sure there’s a clear plan in place including details such as what gets packed up and in what timeframe. Also look at which departments are moving and when. It probably isn’t a good idea to to have everyone move on the same day as chaos is likely to ensue. Instead you might want to look at setting up an advance party who can have everything up and running so that when the day of the move arises, the transition will be seamless.

Calculate the costs

In the business world time is definitely money so you’ll need to look at costs very carefully. However there may be a dilemma. Should you throw money at the move to get it done faster so that you can continue with what’s important (namely serving your customers) or, should you spend less money and therefore more time on the move doing it yourself.

Notify people

It’s important to notify all your clients, business partners, or suppliers of your impending move so don’t forget to send information early. These days office relocation emails are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to keep people informed. Remember to include details such as the date of the move, the official new address and any new telephone numbers should you have them.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Even small office moves can be quite a big project and is not something you should take on yourself. Instead delegation is key. Of course everyone is going to remove their personal belongings and most departments will handle their own equipment, but what about shared spaces, who’s responsible for them?


When the big day arrives try to stick to the plan but at the same time, expect the unexpected. A good removalist company who are used to carrying out office moves can be key to making a smooth transition.

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