4 Great Reasons Why You Really Should Choose A Local Removalist

happy she chose a local removalistIf you’re seeking a removalist to help you with your house relocation you might be tempted to contact a large company that you’ve heard about. This is especially true when they’re large enough to be able to spend the equivalent to your entire annual salary on advertising. The trouble is that although their initial charges may seem appealing, there are often very good reasons why you might want to opt for a more localised company.

Distance and time based costs

You’ll no doubt have seen that large removalist companies tend to offer a lower hourly rate. The issue is that not being local, many will charge you travelling time from the moment they leave their base or location. So if they’re driving to your home from their non-local base it’s easy to see how costs can soon mount up. With a local removalist, you’re not going to have such a cost.

Reliant on reputation

Because local removalists are generally smaller than the big boys they’re often more reliant on local reputation. As a result they tend to work harder to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied and happy with their move. One unhappy customer could do a lot of damage to the reputation and business of a local contractor whereas with a large removal company, that same unhappy client could easily be buried under a sea of ‘fabulous’ testimonials and eye-catching advertising.

Offering community support

National chains are flooding out the smaller businesses in every aspect of our lives, so if you don’t offer community support and use your local business, then who will? There’s no greater reward than supporting your local business knowing that you’ve helped them and in return they’ve done an excellent job, it kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

The stress-free option

Moving house always has a tendency to throw some unsuspecting curve balls at you which you might not have even contemplated. This being the case, then surely it would be better to have a removalist on hand who is going to be flexible within reason to accommodate those ever-changing needs? A large national removal company on the other hand is less likely to be as flexible because of the sheer volume of work that they do. In times of stress (as moving often is) then surely it would be better to take the stress-free option and go local.

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