5 Top Tips On How To Tackle A House Move During The Hot Summer Months

moving in the summerLast week we wrote about reasons why you might want to opt for a winter move, but more in keeping with the time of year, this week it’s all about how to stay cool when moving house during the hot summer months.

There’s no getting away from the fact that summer is the time that many people opt to move home. However the stress that’s often associated with such an undertaking can be exacerbated when having to do it during extreme heat. With this in mind here are our 5 top tips on how to tackle a house move during the hot summer months and stay cool (in more ways than one).

Let the experts do it

When the heat ramps up, the last thing you might want to be doing is taking on the arduous job of packing yourself. Instead if you really aren’t looking forward to the task, them why not leave it to the experts? A highly experienced removalist is very used to packing and unpacking during the summer months and as long as you keep them supplied with cooling drinks, then they’ll be more than happy.

If you do decide that you want to pack yourself them a top tip is to do it in a shady or cooler area. In addition, make sure that all your equipment is at the right height so you’re not excessively bending and lifting. If possible make sure you have a portable fan handy to give you a constant supply of cold air.

Avoid strenuous lifting

There’s nothing that zaps your energy more than extreme heat. For this reason try to avoid heavy lifting if you can. Heavy items of furniture such as cabinets and sideboards can be awkward as well as heavy to lift, so again, this is something you might want to leave to specially trained removalists. They will know exactly how to move your heavy furniture without causing damage or injury.

Make sure you’re drinking

A stressful situation such as moving can be enough to drive anyone to drink! In all seriousness, the need to stay hydrated is paramount in hot weather. However when there’s a million things going on, it’s far too easy to forget to take on liquid . We’re not talking the alcoholic variety either as heat and alcohol clearly don’t mix. Instead save the cold beer as a celebration for the evening after the job is done. In addition if you have pets, they’ll need a steady supply or water too!

Stay shady, stay ventilated

It probably goes without saying that children need to be protected from the sun, so on moving day make sure they have sun block and protective hats. Make sure that they don’t over exert themselves as it can bring about heat stroke especially when they’re excited. Keep animals in well ventilated shady areas to avoid stress and make sure you check on them regularly. Finally if you are moving yourself or helping others, then a wide brimmed hat to prevent sun on the neck is vital.

Try to keep your premises cool

In extreme heat, you should aim to leave as many doors and windows open in your old premises as possible in order to make the most of any breeze, closing them only at the last possible moment. Upon arrival at your new premises, fling open up as many doors and windows as you can as chances are it’s going to have been closed up for a while. If you have ceiling fans and A/C a combination of both together is usually sufficient to cool the house down quickly.

There you have it, 5 tip tips when moving during the hot summer months! If you’re opting for a local move within the Brisbane area the why not give On The Move Removals a try? We have an experienced team offering some of the best prices in the area, so why not let us make your summer move a success? Contact us on 1300 6684 36 for a quote today. You’ll be glad that you did!